30 Days to Fit Day 2: Wiped Out

I’m not exactly sure what I did yesterday, but by around 7 p.m. I was completely wiped out. The day started off pretty well. I had a pomegranate fizz stick, and I made a smoothie. Actually, let me say now that I love cherries and chocolate is growing on me. With this being said, I do not like cherries and chocolate together in a protein shake!

I knocked out my 100/100 along with Day 2 of the Tai Cheng series workouts. I wanted to do some Wuji standing and practice a little I Liq Chuan, but I had to get ready to teach a Senior’s Tai Chi class at the Donelson-Hermitage YMCA across town.

My Mac Powerbook has finally arrived, so I can start filming more videos for this blog now. I owe an old client a few videos, so hopefully I can get in a few “extra” workouts today along with some studying. Well, time to get on my workouts! 

About Prince...

I am a certified personal trainer who loves fitness, martial arts, and meditation.
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